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Problem statement

Mr. Michael Rhodes, the young engineer just hired by our firm, has produced the following preliminary report concerning the failure of two structures that a customer brought to investigate. In reading this report, we found a number of problems and inaccuracies. Please, go through the case, do your own calculations, and send Michael an e-mail explaining the problems that you found in his report and how they should be corrected.

Here you will find the format required for your report. We have a good Library with material that may be of great help to you. You are also encouraged to consult experts about the topics involved. Regarding computations, Terry will be able to help you in doing some truss and frame computations, so that you don’t need to worry about that. He is in the Computer Room.

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This research was supported by NSF-CCLI, DUE-0736828: "A Computer-Based Simulated Environment to Learn on Structural Failures in Engineering"