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Report Format

Your report should include three topics:

  1. Identification of the cause of failure. Here you provide your own explanation about the cause of the collapse and explain the mechanism of collapse that may have occurred according to your own judgment and experience.
  2. Elimination of other hypothesis. Here you should write the reasons why you consider that other modes of failure could not occur, discussing them one by one.
  3. I will have to discuss these topics with engineers at the plant and I need to be precise about some terms which I see that are used frequently in the analysis of structural failures. So please, let me know:
    What are the differences between “collapse” and “failure” of a structure?
    What are the most common causes of structural failures in shells?
    What is buckling?
    What is a failure mechanism?
    What are the objectives of the failure analysis of a structure?
    Is there a unique method to conduct an investigation into a structural failure?
    What is a failure hypothesis?
This research was supported by NSF-CCLI, DUE-0736828: "A Computer-Based Simulated Environment to Learn on Structural Failures in Engineering"