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Who discovered buckling?


Instructions to write your report

Your report should take the forms of a two-page paper with a proposal for one year of research. Some instructions:

1. Write single space, avoid colloquial language. Use the two pages allowed in full; otherwise the foundation may assume that you did not consider the problem carefully and had little to say.

2. You should argue why PvM should be considered as the father of buckling studies instead of Euler. Be sure you describe what was known before PvM.

3. Describe the historical circumstances in which PvM carried out his experiments.

4. Provide your interpretation about why all the credit has gone to Euler for centuries. Also, did Euler give credit to PvM? Did he know about the work of PvM?

5. Include what will be your work, how do you propose to organize the study and what difficulties you envisage.

6. Describe the broad impact of your research to problems other than the one you are investigating.


End of this branch