What is a Storyteller?


    Storytelling has always been a fascinating activity in most cultures and historical times. In some places, the Storyteller had a high social status, such as the “Griot” in Africa or the “Juglar” in Medieval Europe. In the context of Science Education, it is now acknowledged that some stories of others may be an excellent way to learn from their experiences.

    The Storyteller is here a character that shows up to tell a story that is relevant to the solution of the case in hands. This character contributes cases, not general concepts, and uses the structure of cases. Here the interaction has been implemented in such a way that the Storyteller will only tell you things on demand.

    The stories do not necessarily correspond exactly with what happened. Stories are not objective records, because whenever we tell a story, we tend to reconstruct it in order to present it in a given way. We choose what stories should be told, what parts will be emphasized, and what will be omitted.